That Gallery on the Wall

When we moved into our house there were a ton of existing screws already in the wall bwhere the previous owner had their pictures hanging up. And being the lazy and non-committal people that we are, we just hung our pictures up on the existing screws. Needless to say, it didn’t look very good!

So when we finally repainted the house we took out the screws and patched all of the holes. Finally we had a blank canvas to work with and a chance to actually hang my pictures where I really wanted them!

I have been thinking about the idea of a gallery wall for quite some time. I absolutely love the look of it and I like that it is a fun and interesting way to show off a lot of pictures in one space. I started my gallery wall project simply by scouring Pinterest for inspiration. I found myself really attracted to the more eclectic walls, where all the pieces fit into a similar theme, but aren’t matchy-matchy. Some of my favorite inspiration pages cane be found here, here and here!

Once I had my inspiration it was time to go shopping! I spent a lot of time walking around various stores looking for frames and items that not only fit my theme, but that also ‘brought me joy’. It was important to me that I really loved everything that I picked and that I wasn’t just picking it because it fit with my theme.

Once I purchased most of my pieces I laid them out on my living room floor and moved them around until I kind of found an arrangement that I liked.


After I got a bit of an idea for how I wanted the layout to be, I grabbed some old Christmas wrapping paper and traced out each of my frames and decorations on it.

Don’t mind the cat toy mouse in the corner!

The next step was to tape the paper onto the wall! This was great because I was able to fiddle with my arrangement a bit and was able to see how the proportions worked together.


I left the paper up there for about a week so I could make sure that I really liked it (and also because I needed my husband’s help to hang the pictures and he is busy seeding right now!). Finally I was ready to commit, and my husband was ready to get the paper off of the walls. I took each paper cut out and marked the location of where the nail needed to be. Then we started drilling holes in the wall!

My handsome AND handy hubby!

Finally after many weeks of planning, shopping and arranging my gallery wall is [almost] finished (I still need to get a 8 x 10 picture for the one frame, and find some small ornaments for the shelf).




Megan Sweet 😉




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